Louis-Philip Béliveau


Louis-Philip completed his B.Sc. in electrical engineering at ETS Montreal before continuing to work towards his M.Sc. in photonics at the same university. His engineering work experience allowed him to acquire skills in embedded electronics, computer vision and deep learning. His research focuses on improving existing terahertz technologies to facilitate its integration into real life applications. He is eager to bridge the gap between newly developed research methods and existing industry technologies.

Mariia Zhuldybina


Mariia completed her B.Sc. and M.Sc in applied physics in Russia before moving to Montreal to pursue her PhD at ETS, which she successfully defended in 2021. Her research focuses on the design of resonant photonic structures for industrial quality control, and she is passionate about bringing terahertz technology out of the lab and into the industrial sector.

Benjamin Dringoli


Ben completed his B.Sc. in physics in Massachusetts before coming to McGill University to receive his M.Sc. and continue working toward his PhD. His research centers around designing, building, and utilizing terahertz laser instruments for material science studies, hoping to improve device applications such as thermoelectrics. He is excited to see the possibilities of applying these tools to improving the efficiency of the electronics manufacturing industry.